MigrationIT offers a comprehensive set of value-based client services that are specifically catered to our clients and sponsors. These services include:

  • Recruitment Consultation
  • Outsourcing and Staffing
  • Technical and Intrapersonal Assessment Training

MigrationIT is consistently able to fulfill the vacant positions promptly, effectively and to your best interest as our compelling edge comes from:

  • Specializing only in IT recruitment
  • Employing a state-of-the-art Recruitment Software & Database to cover the complete recruitment lifecycle ( Screening to placement )
  • MigrationIT screens all candidates and interviews them internally prior to them being selected for a vacancy
  • The tri-faceted assessment that all candidates undergo is unique to MigrationIT (Technical, Linguistic, and Interpersonal)
  • Founder of the company comes from an IT background on both the technical and managerial level. ( 14+ years of experience )
  • The company's reach to IT people is unique; MigrationIT utilizes technology in every aspect to reach IT professionals including social and professional networks, specialized forums and blogs
  • Our database extends to incorporate IT companies, IT Departments of generic companies, other general recruitment agencies, IT vendors, Universities, as well as training and educational institutes